How are Smugglers Doing? Videos 2013/11

Illegally park a van at Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui as a mobile unit to distribute Thailand food, rice, flour, spicy, canned food, etc to Chinese tourists.

Set up mobile stalls to distribute Woolworths, Frisolac, Aptamil, Karicare milk powders in the public area out the dawn market, Sheung Shui.

Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group


Smugglers Openly Use Public House Address to Smuggle Milk Powder

NDPICG has discovered something you never know from major media!

First, on Po Wan Road, Sheung Shui (near street light EA9822), the group has found two shipping pallets of Aptamil 1 infant milk powder, around 184 boxes worth HKD 200,000 , on the roadside guarded by an old lady. She said that she did it for free, for the owner was currently in Lo Wu. The group later found that the cargo was manually moved to Ka Fu Close (industrial zone with many warehouses) with carts, for distributing to cross-border couriers to smuggle to China via Sheung Shui train station, to evade import tariffs imposed by China on foreign milk powder.

Above: This old lady voluntarily guarded the stocks while the owner was in Lo Wu.

Above: Two pallets of Aptamil 1, or around 184 boxes, worth about HKD 200,000. This brand is under the control of two-can limit policy.

Above: Stock distribution at Ka Fu Close

On the same day, the group has discovered two pallets of milk powder with the same label outside the tenement building opposite to the dawn market at San Fung Avenue. Workers are busy moving the stocks to the first floor, suspected for distribution later.

Above: Filling stocks in a flat of a tenement building.

The group believes that such operation model should exist for a long time, and questions why the appropriate authority has not taken any action against that. The group also suspects that someone is using a public housing address for doing smuggling business, and that smuggling group mainly consists of new immigrants, because the consignee’s address was written in Mandarin Pinyin, which translated back to English is: Sheung Ming House, Sheung Tak Estate, Tseung Kwan O. It may not even be the only address the smuggler is using. The group also urges the housing authority to investigate this case.

Above: A public housing address was used as the consignee’s address, and it was written in Mandarin Pinyin. Notice that all Hong Kong addresses are either in English or in Traditional Chinese characters.

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Photos, Video and the Original texts Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group,