Smugglers in Action 2013/12/09

You don’t need to be an expert detective to capture smugglers in action these days. Folks in Sheung Shui easily spots smugglers in action. Here are just a few video clips found on Facebook page of North District Parallel Imports Concern Group.

2013/11/21. A hideout deep in alley.

Many boxes of instant noodles “Demae itcho”


Line up for milk powder outside chain drug stores

2013/11/26. After milk powder, they are targeting toys such as Lego Starwar, Bandai. Again, they do their “business” under the footbridge (troll?)

2013/11/26. A van used as a mobile milk powder distribution centre parks outside Choi Yuen Estate every day.

Van for distributing milk powder

2013/12/05. A smuggler jaywalks the intersection of Po Shek Wu Road and Choi Yuen Road with goods. Actually, there is a pedestrian tunnel but smugglers prefer to a risky route. Ironically, a police car passes by at 0:22 but does not catch her. The producer has reported the cases to the authority but to no avail.

2013/11/27. The train platform at Sheung Shui station is full of smugglers.

2013/11/28. Everyday, after the normal operation hour, the Dawn Market at Shek Wu Hui will be occupied by smugglers for the rest of the day.

Smugglers outside the Dawn Market

2013/12/09. Some lucky one occupies the public space just a few paces outside Exit A2 of Sheung Shui station. The editor also sees them there everyday.

Exit A2, Sheung Shui Station

2013/11/27. Found this in Martime Square, Tsing Yi.

2013/11/30. Fanling has fallen too. Netizens even spotted lines in Shatin, Mongkok, and Kowloon east.

Line up for milk powder in Fanling

2013/11/30. There was once a Thai outdoor cafe but it now becomes another smugglers’ favour (milk powder / diapers / instant noodle) shops. Actually, nearly the whole San Kung Street is for Chinese tourists and smugglers.

A street for Chinese tourists and smugglers only

2013/12/04. The baby stroller is one of their favorite equipment to transfer their shipment.

2013/12/09. Smugglers distribute baby milk formula “Hipp 3” under the footbridge NF443 of San Wan Avenue everyday.


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