Red Alert: Parents should Stock Up Baby Milk Powder ASAP

Red Alert: Parents especially those living in Kowloon east should really go stock up baby milk powder as soon as possible, as advised by Dr Ko Wing-man. A netizen reported to the pressure group that monitors cross-border smuggling activity that a baby milk powder queuing gang appeared at Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate tonight. They bought milk powder with baby formula voucher provided by their leader. After transactions, they handed milk powder to the leader, and kept the bonus stamp for themselves.

Queuing gang buying baby milk powder at a drugstore at Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate

On the same day, a smuggler moving a big pile of milk powders for distribution was spotted at Kowloon Bay station. These prove that Ko is speaking the truth. Indeed, the HKSAR government should have received accurate intelligence to feel panic. All local parents should act now before you feel regret.

A milk powder distributor at Kowloon Bay station

Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group


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