Trash Tax Trash Talk

[Commentary] The Legislative Council holds a public hearing to the opinion on the garbage tax today. They want to hear in which way you would feel more comfortable being robbed.  This includes how much they should rob you before making you pain; in a fixed rate or depending on how much you waste; whether they count it by each household or by each building; and how to collect your tribute, such as through forcing you buying official garbage bags (and other bags are illegal for collecting waste). Anyway, they have decided to rob you $30 – 74 per month. But according to many polls commissioned by environmental groups, it seems that a majority of people are willing to be robbed because they believe that through redemption, waste production can be reduced (and perhaps less guilty shopping and discarding). If you are one of these, please watch the following photos to see how smuggling activities cause serious littering problem in Sheung Shui. Then think again whether garbage tax will stop these littering activities and eventually reduce the garbage problem.

There is always a large pile of garbage outside drugstores every morning.

Garbage can be found every day in the tunnel that leads to the warehouse zone. This tunnel is mostly used by smugglers.

While street cleaners work hard on collecting garbage, smugglers begin their lucrative business and start dumping rubbish.

Smugglers left lots of garbage every night in the open space at Choi Yuen Shopping Plaza, managed by the Link REIT (HKEX: 00823.HK)

Flower bed outside a drugstore. Chinese tourists aka smugglers like to sit on the flower bed. When they left, they also left garbage.

Chinese tourists / smugglers like to dump package to reduce luggage weight & space.

It is a lucrative business for selling goods to Chinese tourists and smugglers. Every night after these shops stock up supplies, they just dump the wooden cargo pallet! No recycle. No reuse. And how to charge them with garbage tax?

Who wants garbage tax while foreigners keep dumping garbage everyday?

Source: Mr. Lau Koon Tsuen, Ken Lee, NDPICG.


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