Smugglers Treat Street as Mini Storage

Not only there are many illegal parking like this one in Sheung Shui, pedestrian streets are also frequently occupied for parking smuggling cargo. Occupying bus stops was old news. Today, several pallets have been parked outside a game court, and moved the piles to shady huts in an alley at the heart of Shek Wu Market (which has been reported by Oriental Daily [Chinese only])

Outside a game court. Source: NDPICG




Illegal parking is frequently seen. Source: Mr. Lau Koon Tsuen


2014-01-06 20.51.34

illegal parking. Taken on 2014/01/06


This bus stop outside drugstores has been used as warehouses. The area has been liberated for a few months after residents filing complaints but recently is occupied again. Source: TK Chan


Moving to the shady huts. Source: NDPICG

Walking on the road in the reverse direction of the traffic

Shady huts (umbrella) hidden in an alley. Source: NDPICG

A possible route

A possible route.


3 thoughts on “Smugglers Treat Street as Mini Storage

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