Conflict in Train Station: I’ll fix you up for Chinese

Two vicious PR Chinese women chased down an old lady for taking revenge of luggage collision. A passerby (with yellow hat) tried to be a peacemaker but was being pulled by the ferocious women. The old lady left in chaos. The barbarous women intimidated the passerby with cruel words: “You think helping people is great? … She also shouted at us… When I go back to China I’ll fix you up! For ‘a superior status’ of PR Chinese!” The witness said they also hated being called “mainlander”, believing that the term labels them “inferior”. Then they turned their flame to the witness, attacking the camera twice.

Upper Left: Fix you up back in China; Upper Right: For the status of PR Chinese; Lower Left: Beat the camera; Lower Right: Chased down the old lady to beat her.

* To gain a superior status — the original word is “爭氣” (compete for Chi) – which Chip Tsao explained in his article, is a Chinese concept that is difficult to be translated into English. He explained that, it is like you feel being looked down or inferior, so you strive hard to gain fortune, social status or power, in the belief that with superior social status, wealth and power, no one will dare to look you down again.

[Commentary] I feel tired of translating similar stories again and again. But I can’t feel tired of encountering such evil. To feel tired mean I get used to it. Once we get used to evil and chaos we will tolerate their existence. This is dangerous.


Source: NDPICG


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