Every Faction is busy as Lunar New Year approaching

Lunar New Year is approaching. As it is important for the Chinese. They are busy stocking up everything for the long holiday and for gifting. So as for the smugglers, and other factions in the North District.

Smugglers work harder earn more. Line-up gangs get ready outside a supermarket at 7 am to buy baby milk powder ASAP. Meanwhile, a supply team cut through the crowd with a cart of A+ (a brand of milk powder) for distribution. Besides milk powder, they also stock up candy and chocolate for gifting. There is a long line up outside this grocery chain store.

Waiting for milk powder at 7:20 am

An early bird at 7:30am

I heard bankrun, but never heard of groceryrun

Hurry up

So it is common again to see bulky luggages. MTR may have considered the feeling of mainlanders and thus relax the limitation for Lunar New Year? But in Shenzhen, about a dozen of customs officers were caught for accepting bribery from the smugglers.[Passion Time 2014/01/14]

A modified baby cart, with extra storage on the back, and less space for the passenger.

Somehow some PR Chinese also need old industrious sewing machines for Lunar New Year. This may not be a problem until they just pour out motor oil from the machines onto the street, polluting the environment and making the road slippery. The witness reported to the facility management office but to no avail. The smugglers sneaked the over-weighted items onto the train. Oil spill found on their path. The train compartment may also have been polluted. This case will be new another reason why this blog is against the proposed trash tax.

Eco Crisis!

Knowing that Merriers diapers are out of stock in downtown, Appledaily reporters took a visit to Sheung Shui.  They are dare to enter the alley with shady huts (which I have reported in this entry) to find out Merries diaper. They were of course nearly beaten up by the smuggler because the gang is allergy to big cameras. The gang questioned them, told them it is a private area, and requested them to stop taking photo and delete all the records. They fled, but were chased by a burly man to Shek Wu Hui playground, and luckily were saved by the police on time. A cross-border courier can earn HKD 21 for each pack of Merries diapers. The diaper is selling RMB 140 in Shenzhen, but only HKD 120 in Hong Kong. [Appledaily 2014/01/15]

Actually, not this one. Please watch their video in the article for more action. Source: Appledaily

Occupy Central and the Democratic Party try to take this chance to reach more people, including Chinese tourists, by holding a talk show on San Hong Street. But it seems the tourists mind their own business more.

Smuggler: I mind my own business. Who cares Occupy Central

Pro-Beijing party DAB (Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong) takes a direct approach helping their comrades. They request the North District Council (dominated by DAB members) to turn both San Hong Street and San Kung Street into a pedestrian zone for the safety of shoppers two days before Lunar New Year.

North District Parallel Imports Concern Group, jointed with Hong Kong Bus Forum, will hold an award ceremony for the photo contest for their Anti-Parallel Traders Bus Advertisement campaign, at 3:00 pm, Jan 26 on San Kung Street (a smuggler’s spot).

Sunday, 3:00 – 5:00 pm, Jan 26, on San Kung Street, Sheung Shui

Town Planning Board is collecting suggestions and comments about the North East New Territories New Development Area Plan by the end of January. However, the Land Department is freezing the registration of household headcount before the board hearing has been done [ref in Chinese]. One village has hung himself [ref in Chinese]. The villagers and dwellers in the affected area urges Hong Kong people to write letters against the development to Town Planning Board at tpbpd@pland.gov.hk. The villagers have prepared a sign-up form (in Chinese) for convenience. We will discuss it more in another article.

Villagers feel pressure as the HKSAR is freezing the head count. Source: Kwu Tung North Development Concern Group.

Out of the North District Into the Lauta Island, several Chinese tourists with full gear were caught for illegal logging agarwood. They were equipped with bags and sharp blades including machete, saws, and axes. Agarwood is pricey in PR China. Its refreshing fragrance is good for wearing, for home decoration and for showing off. The average one is around HKD 300 per gram while the rare one can be as much as tens of thousands dollars. [HK Headline 2014/01/14]

More Photos:

Two netizens spotted the same pair of smugglers on different days.

Basically no luggage check in these weeks.

All seats have been occupied.

A playground (to where Appledaily reporters fled) becomes a ground for smugglers. Residents have no chance to relax.


Photo Source: North District Parallel Concern Group


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