Evidence of Media Corrupted

[Commentary] How far are you willing to go for maintaining stability?

Sky Post Hong Kong chooses to make up a story.

As reported in my blog, North District Parallel Concern Group has held an award ceremony in Shek Wu Hui, Sheung Shui, on Sunday, Jan 26.  I have attended the event.

The group set up a rather primitive booth to carry out their event on San Kung Street.

During the event, salespersons from one of the staple food wholesalers (aka parallel traders’ specialty shops) exchanged words with a local old passerby, who said he has been offended by smuggling activities in the district in his daily life.

Despite that, the event ran smoothly.

But the editorial of Sky Post Hong Kong on Monday chooses to write its own story. First, it says the concern group besieged the shops because they suspected the shops are selling to parallel traders. Second, it says the blockade breaks the law. It is not legal for the group to enforce the law by containing shops.

Epic fail.

From my observation, only a few members of this group had present. How can a few people, with a tiny booth, surround a specialty shop? Indeed, those members took care of their own business only.

Also, according to the open reply from the group, they have applied for the Letter of No Objection from the police.

In fact, it is Sheung Shui which is under the siege! There are over 200 shops specialized for smuggling activities; half of them are pharmacies and staple food wholesalers. The problem is very serious.

I urge my readers to boycott Sky Post, and persuade others not to read Sky Post for its lack of credibility.


The old folk is so furious about the smuggling activities.


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