HK ETV Programme Demonise Cantonese

The eradication of a race begins at the school.

The Real Hong Kong News

Passion Times

5th February, 2014

HK ETV Programme Demonise Cantonese


The Education Bureau called Cantonese, a language that 97% of the Hong Kongers speak, a “non official dialect” on its website and stirred a massive public outcry. It very quickly issued a statement and “apologizes for the misunderstanding caused by its carelessness”. However, it is found out that since 2007 the Education Bureau had been producing series of Mandarin* ETV (education TV) programmes that are required to be shown in local schools to “praise Mandarin and belittle Cantonese”, the programmes also distort the facts of Cantonese’s long history, origins from ancient poems and poetic tones, in order to create the illusion that “Mandarin is the only standard Chinese language”.

ETV programmes should compare the differences between Cantonese and Mandarin from a fair and neutral prospective. However, one of the programmes, entitled “Horrifying Day (驚心動魄)”, demonises Cantonese and uses…

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