MTR Power Failure shows Disability of Transportation System

Wow! A power failure of MTR East Rail at Fanling on 16:30 Tuesday caused congestion at Admiralty station! So many people that Admiralty station has to temporarily close the gate. A witness Cheung Alex said “I have waited for two trains at Taikoo. Now I need to wait for four more at Admiralty!”

Comment by Kay Lam. Photo: Astrophel Lim.

The power failure caused delay to the train. The service between Tai Po Market and Lo Wu was reduced to 20 minutes per interval, and Tai Po Market to Lok Ma Chau to 30 minutes per interval.

Source: MTR Service Update @ fb

Many passengers were trapped at Tai Po Market station.

Source: Farbois Ciel Nior @ fb

So some poor North District residents tried their luck by taking bus 270A (running between Tsim Sha Tsui to Fanling/Sheung Shui). But even the terminal at Mody Road has a very long line, from indoor to outdoor.

Source: Chun Ning KeiTa @ fb

Source: Billy Wong @ fb

Even if those people can board on the bus quick enough, they faced another disaster: According to the netizen’s report, there was a traffic accident on Route #9 near Shatin Racecourse at the same time. The congestion tail was near the exit of Shing Mun Tunnels at Shatin side.

Source: Sha Tin District @ fb

The service resumed at around 19:45.

[Commentary] This stress test shows that North District becomes isolated when the MTR service is down. The transit system is already overloaded in the normal time. That fragile system is not robust enough to handle any exceptional cases. However, the HKSAR government still wants to add 100,000+ more people to North District with its North East New Territories Development Plan. This is irrational. Even with more infrastructure the traffic system will easily be collapsed. All North District residents suffering from long commute time should stop the development by expressing objection to the Town Planning Board (with my blog as reference) by Feb 20th!


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