Hailstorm Hits Kowloon Tong Causing Flooding inside the Mall

[Breaking news] A series of photo released on Facebook around 9 pm on March 30 2014 reported that hailstones have broken the glass roof of Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong, creating a waterfall inside the mall. As the consequence, Kowloon Tong station is flooding heavily. [Update: it turned out that is the drainage overflowed and damaged; no glass roof is broken]

[fb Video] The moment before the roof of Festival Walk is falling down! Very scary. Posted by So Sad.


The glass roof of Festival Walk was broken by hailstone. Posted by Kit Wan

Nothing that have Hong Kongers not seen before! Of course it’s just like dining at Ocean Park. Posted by Master Kam Kam.

Posted by CityU Secrets

Posted by CityU Secrets


fb Video: Waterfall in Festival Walk. Posted by Kelvintoto Chan


Kowloon Tong Station is flooding! The train service is delayed. Posted by MTR Service Update


Kowloon Tong MTR station. Posted by Kit Wan


Kowloon Tong MTR. by Kit Wan

Tai Wai station is also flooded.

Posted by Master Kam Kam


fb Video: flooding in Wong Tai Sin MTR station.


Hailstone also broken the window of a train. Passengers dodge:


Waterfall elevator. Which train station is it? Posted by Mong Kong Exit E.

Besides Festival Walk, Shatin New Town Plaza and Tuen Mum Trend Plaza are also under the attack of hailstones.

Posted by Kit Wan


Trend Plaza, Tuen Mum. Source: iMag


Under such a bad weather, even traffic cones are running away: fb Video post by Warmly


The Midnight After hailstorm, I was riding on a red van heading to water reservoir. Source: Turn on the Mic

fb Video: This one is horrible! The car is like diving in water; and https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=610764649014806&set=vb.319890051435602&type=2&theater… (posted by Wonders on Hong Kong Road)

fb Video: Someone remixed House of Water Dancing advertisement with Festival Walk Flooding Scene. Enjoy.

More: Media covering on hailstorm by South China Morning Post.
More: Animation news by Appledaily on the next day, with more things to watch.


MTR Passenger Train Reserved Space for Freight?

The Transport (and Housing) Bureau said it does not go too far for the train to cram 6 persons per square metre. Have cargo been included in the calculation? One handrail three cargo there! It is just 3 cargo / m^2!

Source: Ken Lee