FWD Countryside After Black Rainstorm

Let me share a nice status on fb.

by Kaikai Cho

By Kaikai Cho [Source]

We were making pizza for mapopo permaculture workshop participants tonight [2014/03/30], when it was raining dogs and cats just outside our covered playground.

When the rain gets lighter, the first voice comes to ear was ‘woon-wa woon-wa’, the song of painted frog 花狹囗蛙 [banded bull frog],also knows as 牛蛙 [bull frog] locally.

When we got home, found this little brown tree frog 斑腿泛樹蛙 [Hong Kong Whipping frog] outside the door.

Now they are singing everywhere. Looks like frogs are the biggest winner in this early crazy rain.

Just hope hope hope everyone and everything is fine out there.



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