A Cultural Day to Support Hawker Night Market

The poster of the Cultural Day. Source: http://sssfnm.blogspot.hk/

Sheung Shui Choi Yuen Night Market hawkers have organized a cultural day on 27th April from 3 pm to 6 pm outside the open area of Shek Wu Hui Municipal Services Building. There will be stories and history about night market, singing shows, hawker’s poem, and photo taking with hawker’s cart, etc. The main purpose is to support hawkers at the Night Market, who recently have been actively suppressed by REIT and several authorities. The most violent scenario happened on 8th April. About a dozen of staffs from Housing Authority launched a surprise raid, seizing 11 food carts and arrested 6 hawkers and 1 neighbour. After then, they have established a blogger and organized the cultural day to ask for more support.

Taken on 2014/04/08. Source: http://sssfnm.blogspot.hk/

[Author’s comment: I personally do not like them occupying the bridge between Sheung Shui Station and Choi Yuen Estate. They take half of the width of the bridge, causing congestion, smelly air, and slippery floor. But I also know many people enjoy the Night Market.]


2 thoughts on “A Cultural Day to Support Hawker Night Market

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