Second Round Public Consultation on North East New Territories New Development Areas Planning and Engineering Study


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Public consultation again! Town Planning Board is conducting a second-round consultation on North East New Territories New Development Plan and the deadline is 7th May 2014! You can sign the convenient form ( provided by North East New Territories Development Concern group. It just takes you about a thirty seconds to complete. Or you can submit your comment via email. If you have time, I recommend email because you can write the comments in your own words and add your own opinion. I have also prepared some of my opinions last time.

The first round consultation has ended on 20th Feb 2014. According to Town Planning Board’s figure quoted by Land Justice League (reported by Appledaily on 2014/04/25), over 40,000 people have submitted their opinion and 90% of them are against the development plan. However, the government still persists, as the Civil Engineering and Development Department  has asked the legislation council for 340 millions to carry out the detail planning and land survey. In response, the villagers and supporters have visited District Lands Office North last week and gathered outside the Central Government Office on 1st and 2nd May, and have joined the Anti-White Elephant Protest on Sunday 4th May.

There are more updates from the Internet. The estimated total cost of North East Development Project is around HKD 120,000,000,000 (120 billions!!), according to Kaikai Cho (in this video at 04:30)  who spoke at the Gathering on 1st May. This is far more expensive than the Express Rail Link Project (around 66.9 billions, and come with the over-budgeted scam). Another speaker Kim-Ching Chen (video) states that, Hong Kong has already spent HKD 300 billions on building giant infrastructure projects in the past five years, or equivalently everyone has to pay $11,000 per year for the bill. As more giant development projects (surely will over budget), such as man-made islands, rails for connecting the airport to China, etc, have been initiated and proposed by the HKSAR government, there will be budget black hole and every Hong Kongers will be in debt. Even feasibility studies can cause another billion dollars. And to raise fund, the government must sell more lands to the developer. Thus, it is important to stop North East Development Project to break this cycle.

To help them is to help Hong Kong. Please submit your opinion before 7th May no matter you have done so in the first round.

More speeches for reference (in Cantonese only)

Gist of Representations of the first round public consultation, Town Planning Board



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