Development of Tourism Shall Not Make Locals Feel Repulsive

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The Real Hong Kong News

Passion Times

8th May, 2014

Development of Tourism Shall Not Make Locals Feel Repulsive


(Translated by Hong Kong Columns – Translated)

PT720x720HK10pain (Source: Passion Times and LegCo Brief)

LegCo Secretariat disclosed the Research Brief on Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) of Chinese Tourists yesterday (7th May). It pointed out that the number of (PRC) Chinese tourists sky-rocketed since the announcement of the scheme in July, 2003, with total number of visitors surpassing the UK, South Korea and Japan.

Hong Kong received 54.3 million visitors in 2013 which exceeded the amount received by the United Kingdom (31.1 million), South Korea (12.2 million), Japan (10.4 million) and Australia (6.5 million).

54.3 million visitors were received in 2013, with three quarters being PRC Chinese tourists – more than double than the figure back in 2002, where only 16.6 million were received and 41.2% being (PRC) Chinese tourists.

The brief also said IVS…

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