High-Profile Smugglers Shops

Smugglers shops in Sheung Shui are going high-profile. They explicitly state how much a smuggler can earn from each item.  Here is one of the high-profile smugglers shops:

  • Oyster sauce $385, buy-back guarantee, earn $45
  • Ferrero Rocher $750, earn $55, train station (Shenzhen, of course)
  • BBQ pork sauce, Chili sauce $120, earn $22, train station
  • Cookies $180, buy-back guarantee, train station, earn $45

Rough translation of the caption: “Incredible! It is just like hiring people to carry goods. Customs office do something!” Source: Alan Law @ fb

It seems the frequency and the deterrence of “Windsand” operations are also diminishing.


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