Primary One Allocation Result Unfair to Local

We are locals and we should get the local benefit before them(Chinese). Me and my husband are Hong Kongers and was born in Hong Kong, and our kids as well. They (Chinese) are getting all the benefit before us, medicals, baby milk formula, diapers, you name it. We are living in Choi Yuen Estate (in Sheung Shui), and everyday we are seeing them (Chinese) walking around, taking our resources away. – (translated by Hong Kong & China NOT the SAME 中港大不同)

A local mother commented to NOW TV reporter when she was being asked if the new policy of the Education Bureau is helpful to address the problem of cross-border students. She complaint in tears after knowing the government is helping the Chinese kids (by allocating local school in the same district) before Hong Kong kids.

Source: Refusal of the Chinalization of Hong Kong

The original video from NOW TV (in Cantonese). But in the afternoon, NOW TV has removed the video. They only keep the video with these two points: 1) the school principal claims the cross-border student will not receive “special favour”. 2) Parents of cross-border students are unsatisfied with the result, while other cross-border students are being admitted to the first choice. But at night, NOW TV has provided another version of video that contains the mother’s interview. The link is:

Meanwhile, cross-border student’s parents are dissatisfied because the school is too far away from their homes. (Comment: then why don’t study at the school near your home?)

Cross-border students’ parents huh? Cross-border students’ parents huh? (Special thanks: 樂高創作 Legostudio @ FB). Source: Hong Kong Columns – Translated @ FB


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