Friday is Probably the Last Battle of NENT Plan

This Friday, 20th June 2014 is probably the last battle of NENT plan. Once the budget for pre-construction survey reading is passed, the development of NENT will begin and it is hard to be reverse. Many things have happened before Friday:

  • Several protesters who were in the front line on 6th and 13th June were arrested .
  • A 15-year-old kid who “spreaded” a guide on ramming the legco on the Internet was arrested.
  • The floor of the area outside he legco was drilled with holes for locking iron barriers to the ground.
  • Some fb users were bad-mouthed by newspaper as extreme localists.
  • Appledaily website was cyber attacked.
  • Facebook website was cyber attacked.

Outcome on Friday: the Legco meeting was adjourned. The crowd has to come back next Friday.


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