Rioters? We are Merely Defending Our Land!

You won’t know the truth unless you are there.

The Real Hong Kong News

Passion Times

14th June, 2014

Rioters? We are Merely Defending Our Land!


Passion Times

Long story short, I have not watched Hong Kong local television for a while, but I would switch to the news channel when major events happen just to see how China controls Hong Kong’s media and how the local media censor the news. As always, local news channels report on the recent protest in a biased manner, all coverage on the protest was negative. They are pro-China media, so what do you expect? The news channels cleverly skip explaining why there are so many people in Hong Kong are against the HKSAR Government’s policies (the recent protest is against the Northeast New Territories Development Plan), and spend most of the airtime on how protestors are “disrupting the peacefulness of the society”. This type of propaganda highlights the fact that media in Hong Kong is no longer the…

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