PTU Late Night Anti-Riot Exercise in Fanling

I just redirect the link from the source Oriental Daily. Oriental Daily has the sole copyright of this photo. The URL is:

Translated from Oriental Daily report.

Police Tactical Unit (PTU) carried out an anti-riot drill at around 9 pm in Fanling. Around 40 PTU with helmets, shotguns, and tear gas launchers, carried riot exercises in the Lok Mun Street industrial area. Each 5-6 officers formed a team to block different locations at different alleys. They advanced with regular pace, and immediately stopped when they have reached a certain point. The police simulated spotting a crowd. After they realized the crowd is not policeman, the squad commander said “Not friends. Fire”. Then they simulated firing tear gas. “Pop, pop, popping” sound could be heard, making the exercise more realistic.

Source: Oriental Daily 2014/07/03


One thought on “PTU Late Night Anti-Riot Exercise in Fanling

  1. so scary! i was there and just froze as they marched by – didn’t dare to make a wrong move! haha

    in some ways, it is reassuring to know our safety is guarded continuously

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