Old Smuggler Received Fake RMB Notes, Total Loss

Two fake RMB notes with identical serial number. Disclaimer: This blog does not own this photo. Oriental Daily is the owner of this photo. They have the copyright. This photo is shown here via URL.

Mr Wu, 67, is an retiree who often brought baby formula across the border to kill time and to earn from the difference, yesterday bought two cans of milk powder in Hong Kong, each HKD 270, took the cross-border  bus to Futian Control Point, then traveled to Lo Wu Control Point to sell his goods to a buyer for RMB 540. Only when he was going to exchange the money back to HKD in Hong Kong did he discover that 4 pieces of $100 banknote were counterfeit.

Mr Wu said the counterfeit has high degree of resemblance. But with a careful checking one can spot that its surface is smoother and the watermark is slightly misplaced. They are all 2005 series, and two of them have identical serial number. Feeling unlucky, he does not bother to report to the police because he does not want any trouble (editor’s comment: does not want to get into trouble?), even though he recognizes the buyer. But he still wants the public to learn from his lesson. He said he has learnt a good lesson and will no longer do smuggling.

Source: Oriental Daily: 水貨伯賣奶粉收假「人仔」 蝕本生意  2014/07/14


Editor’s Comment: Lo Wu Control Point at Shenzhen side is now a smuggling goods trading centre.  North District Parallel Imports Concern Group has taken some photos at Lo Wu Transport Plaza a few days ago to update the public:



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