Race Against Time! Just Pee from the Train

A People Republic Chinese kid, guided by a PR Chinese, peed from the train while it stopped at Sheung Shui Station. It was said he probably kept doing his job even the train door has closed. Then image how clean the door is, when you stand near the door…

Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group. 2014/08/13


A close-up. Source: Wang Tat Lee @ fb


Children Enjoy Free Ride doing Smuggling

MTR is generous enough to provide free ride for children to travel to Shenzhen this summer. But such promotion has been abused by young smugglers, according to North District Parallel Imports Concern Group

The group has witnessed children entering the gate with bulky luggage after verified their Octopus card. They smuggle goods in round trips manner to maximize their profits.

The step on reducing the smuggling cost is very simple:

  1. Verify the Child Octopus card to get a free ride to Lo Wu at the Customer Service.
  2. Enter the gate with that card. The more trips you make, the more profit you take.

Shareholders should question the management board their real intention on having such a promotion, and passengers should question why the company keeps increasing ticket fare.

We simply quote the terms and conditions from the MTR page:

From 1 July to 31 August, children can get a free MTR ride to or from Shenzhen via Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations by presenting their valid Child Octopus at the Customer Service Centre at MTR stations before entering the gate.

  1. From 1 July to 31 August 2014, children aged 3 to 11 using Child Octopus are entitled to unlimited free travel on the MTR to or from Shenzhen via Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations.
  2. To redeem this offer, passengers must present a valid Child Octopus at the Customer Service Centre at MTR stations (except Airport Express and Light Rail) every time before entering the gate. The free journey must be made immediately after redemption. The offer will not be reissued under any circumstances.
  3. For a journey from Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations to any stations with interchange at Tsim Sha Tsui /East Tsim Sha Tsui stations, the free ride applies to the journey up to Tsim Sha Tsui / East Tsim Sha Tsui stations. However, this offer will be cancelled for journey going to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations with interchange at Tsim Sha Tsui or East Tsim Sha Tsui stations.
  4. Passengers who have redeemed the offer and wish to enjoy East Rail Line’s First Class service must pay the First Class Premium.
  5. The free connection applies to interchanges from the designated MTR station to Light Rail, MTR Bus (Northwest New Territories) and MTR Feeder Bus (K12, K14, K17 and K18), except for K12 on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  6. MTR Corporation Limited reserves the right to alter or terminate the offer at any time.
  7. MTR Corporation Limited reserves the right to make the final decision in the event of any disputes.

Mooncake Smugglers Sell First Part 3: Peninsula Hotel Mooncake

Peninsula Hotel denies selling mooncake in Sheung Shui, according to Sina News on 2014/08/07.

Media have found that Peninsula Hotel mini egg custard moon cake is selling at $240 in Sheung Shui, 24.5% cheaper than the Hotel’s retail price $318.

Peninsula Hotel insists that they have not authorized any other shops to sell their moon cakes except the Peninsula Boutique, Airport Peninsula Boutique, and three selected DFS shops. They also point out that the source of those moon cakes area is unknown, and it is difficult to identify whether they are genuine or counterfeit. They advise consumers to buy directly from the authorized sellers.

Wing Wah moon cake is also selling 14% cheaper than the retail price in Sheung Shui smuggling area. Even more interesting is that media have checked its authenticity by scanning the QR code on the box and found them all valid. Wing Wah only replied that if the customer is suspicious about the genuineness of the moon cake they have purchased, he can bring that to the company for further examination.

Source: 上水水貨區售平價半島月餅及榮華月餅 真假難辨

Mooncake Smugglers Sell First Part 2: Smugglers’ Hideout

continue from Part 1

This video was recorded on 2014/08/03 in the alley (光復街) which has become smugglers’ hideout for doing their business. You may think this is Shenzhen. But in fact this is the centre of Shek Wu Hui, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong. According to the survey we have published, there were 26 smugglers’ shops in 2014 Jan in Shek Wu Hui, Sheung Shui. Many of such shops and their “customers” are hidden in this alley.

North District Parallel Imports Concern Group exclaimed: Kong Fok Street has become a hotbed of illegal workers. But the government still turns a blind eye on it. Thus, we share it for the public. (03-Aug-2014)

The highlight of the whole video is the photo above. The price tags of one smugglers’ shop not only show the price of each item, but also the profit a “customer” can make, and the collection location.

One tag, on the top with a paper clipped with a brown moon cake bag, says: Maxim Moon Cake +18 Sell $355/2 boxes Collect $373/2 boxes at 2/F  Three Island Kitchen.

Another tag, just below the previous one on the yellow box, says: Wing Wah Moon Cake +15 Sell $360/2 boxes Collect $375/2 boxes at 2/F Three Island Kitchen.

Would typical tourists need to know the profit they can make from shopping in Hong Kong?

Indeed, this is a common practice for smugglers’ shop to put price tags with profit indicator.

More high-quality screenshots from the video:


Mooncake Smugglers Sell First Part 1: First Report

Drugstores and smugglers’ shops in Sheung Shui are already selling mooncake! But bakery outlets of the mooncake manufacturers such as Wing Wah and Maxim do not yet have mooncake for sale. Oddly enough?

North District Parallel Imports Concern Group first wrote on their fb group that they have discovered Sheung Shui has mooncakes from Maxim and Peninsula Hotel.

Mingpao news followed up next day (the original article is no longer accessible but a pirate website has a backup.) They found that one drugstore sells “Maxim white lotus seed with double egg yolks mooncake” at HKD 175 each box, cheaper than the official discounted price which is HKD 205. Even more interesting is that the reporters have purchased 4 boxes of mooncakes, then check its authenticity by scanning the QR code on the box. All are valid.

Maxim replied to the newspaper that they have supplied to Wellcome, Mannings, 7-11 and duty-free shops at the border, but never to drugstores. Drugstores explained that they bought the stock from Maxim’s underwriters. The stocks areplanned to be sold to Southeast Asia or to China.

Inspired by the news article, North District Parallel Imports Concern Group made a trip to Shek Wu Hui:

1) At the train station, a woman moves two packs of mooncakes 14.8 kg each. Together her luggage is over the weight limit.

2) Mooncake everywhere. Almost everyone is carrying a bag of mooncakes.

Then the group travelled into the alley which has been trasnformed into a smugglers’ hideout… We will continue the adventure in Part 2.



Drugstores Seize Public Space for Commercial Activities

Last time we show how drugstores use public space for stock replenishment.

They find a better way to utilize the free land they seize from the public:

1) Use the cycling lane to promote a copy-cat medical oil (upper-left corner)

2) Use the bus stop to pile stocks.

3) Use pedestrian pavement to promote skin care and beauty products. (bottom, with two white shelves. )

North District Parallel Imports Concern Group suspects that the drugstore rents the public space they have seized to other parties for product promotions and other commercial activities. To discuss on fb, click this photo. Source: NDPICG

At night, they simply put the shelves at the bus stop. They know that no one dares to move the shelves away. Even the authority. Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group

4) Burn paper hell money and clothes to please hungry ghost, to wish for smooth business with huge profit, for 20 minutes, on the cycling lane.

Please the hungry ghost on the cycling land. Cyclists are not pleased. Source: NDPICG

5) Play lion dance and give out free rice on the road to celebrate the opening of yet another new branch. It seems one team of policeman is dispatched here just to maintain order for the opening ceremony (maybe “peace-keeping”), while another team requests the drugstore to move away the rice pile from the road. Quite confusing. Notice that the silver car is here in several photos. It causes congestion.

The opening of yet another branch of Lung Fung Pharmaceutical (Group) Ltd. The same group occupies free space to do product promotions. Source: Alex Cheung @ North District fb group (no association with this group)

Source: NDPICG

Source: NDPICG

Source: NDPICG.