Drugstores Seize Public Space for Commercial Activities

Last time we show how drugstores use public space for stock replenishment.

They find a better way to utilize the free land they seize from the public:

1) Use the cycling lane to promote a copy-cat medical oil (upper-left corner)

2) Use the bus stop to pile stocks.

3) Use pedestrian pavement to promote skin care and beauty products. (bottom, with two white shelves. )

North District Parallel Imports Concern Group suspects that the drugstore rents the public space they have seized to other parties for product promotions and other commercial activities. To discuss on fb, click this photo. Source: NDPICG

At night, they simply put the shelves at the bus stop. They know that no one dares to move the shelves away. Even the authority. Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group

4) Burn paper hell money and clothes to please hungry ghost, to wish for smooth business with huge profit, for 20 minutes, on the cycling lane.

Please the hungry ghost on the cycling land. Cyclists are not pleased. Source: NDPICG

5) Play lion dance and give out free rice on the road to celebrate the opening of yet another new branch. It seems one team of policeman is dispatched here just to maintain order for the opening ceremony (maybe “peace-keeping”), while another team requests the drugstore to move away the rice pile from the road. Quite confusing. Notice that the silver car is here in several photos. It causes congestion.

The opening of yet another branch of Lung Fung Pharmaceutical (Group) Ltd. The same group occupies free space to do product promotions. Source: Alex Cheung @ North District fb group (no association with this group)

Source: NDPICG

Source: NDPICG

Source: NDPICG.


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