Mooncake Smugglers Sell First Part 2: Smugglers’ Hideout

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This video was recorded on 2014/08/03 in the alley (光復街) which has become smugglers’ hideout for doing their business. You may think this is Shenzhen. But in fact this is the centre of Shek Wu Hui, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong. According to the survey we have published, there were 26 smugglers’ shops in 2014 Jan in Shek Wu Hui, Sheung Shui. Many of such shops and their “customers” are hidden in this alley.

North District Parallel Imports Concern Group exclaimed: Kong Fok Street has become a hotbed of illegal workers. But the government still turns a blind eye on it. Thus, we share it for the public. (03-Aug-2014)

The highlight of the whole video is the photo above. The price tags of one smugglers’ shop not only show the price of each item, but also the profit a “customer” can make, and the collection location.

One tag, on the top with a paper clipped with a brown moon cake bag, says: Maxim Moon Cake +18 Sell $355/2 boxes Collect $373/2 boxes at 2/F  Three Island Kitchen.

Another tag, just below the previous one on the yellow box, says: Wing Wah Moon Cake +15 Sell $360/2 boxes Collect $375/2 boxes at 2/F Three Island Kitchen.

Would typical tourists need to know the profit they can make from shopping in Hong Kong?

Indeed, this is a common practice for smugglers’ shop to put price tags with profit indicator.

More high-quality screenshots from the video:



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