Mooncake Smugglers Sell First Part 3: Peninsula Hotel Mooncake

Peninsula Hotel denies selling mooncake in Sheung Shui, according to Sina News on 2014/08/07.

Media have found that Peninsula Hotel mini egg custard moon cake is selling at $240 in Sheung Shui, 24.5% cheaper than the Hotel’s retail price $318.

Peninsula Hotel insists that they have not authorized any other shops to sell their moon cakes except the Peninsula Boutique, Airport Peninsula Boutique, and three selected DFS shops. They also point out that the source of those moon cakes area is unknown, and it is difficult to identify whether they are genuine or counterfeit. They advise consumers to buy directly from the authorized sellers.

Wing Wah moon cake is also selling 14% cheaper than the retail price in Sheung Shui smuggling area. Even more interesting is that media have checked its authenticity by scanning the QR code on the box and found them all valid. Wing Wah only replied that if the customer is suspicious about the genuineness of the moon cake they have purchased, he can bring that to the company for further examination.

Source: 上水水貨區售平價半島月餅及榮華月餅 真假難辨


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