The People’s Liberation Army Pollutes River of Hong Kong

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army garrisoning at Sai Wai Barracks / Gallipoli Lines has been found directly discharges their waste water into Ng Tung River (River Indus). The waste water is white with unpleasant odor, and smells like food gutter oil. Mr Lau, who made this video, has filed complaints to the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong but to no avail.

According to Garrison Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of Article 16, members of the Hong Kong Garrison should abide by the national laws and the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Location: San Wai Barracks, Kwan Tei North, Fanling, Hong Kong (Drainage Services Department Number CH 6+600).

GPS : 22.509435, 114.154741

Times of recording:

  • 2015/04/08 14:44
  • 2015/04/10 14:05
  • 2015/04/16 13:14
  • 2015/04/17 14:32

You can also follow the FB discussion on the original video.

Ng Tung River is a nice place for cycling and fishing. It is located in Northeast New Territories. A few days ago the Town Planning Board has passed the two Northeast New Territories Outline Development Plans for Fanling North and Kwu Tung North without any modification. People believe that the natural scene will be erased by this mega development project.


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