TPB Reviewing Proposal of Frontier Shopping Mall in Fu Tei Au Again

A review of the objected proposal to build a Frontier Shopping Mall in Fu Tei Au has been submitted to Town Planning Board recently and the deadline for making comments on the application is 2015/08/28, netizens found.

One should wonder whether there a urgent need to eliminate a green belt in order to address the demand of cross-border smuggling activities giving that China may face recession or even depression soon and its currency is in a depreciation trend.

Nevertheless, do not underestimate the tactic of repeatedly submitting applications. A construction of an asphalt plant in North District was approved by Town Planning Board last year under the same tactic.

There are more reasons not to build any frontier shopping malls in Hong Kong. Notice that the TPB now just count once to comment with same wording. Be sure to revise some wordings before submitting to the TPB.

  1. Land is scarce in Hong Kong. Land resource should be used properly. Tourism including cross-border smuggling carrying out by Chinese visitors contributes only 5% of Hong Kong GDP. It is a BIG waste to allocate precious land for frontier shopping malls.
  2. Regarding job creation, the recent unemployment rate is only 3.x%. It is near full employment. For whom are the new job opportunities created? Besides, those are low-education, low-value jobs. They do not match the trend of Hong Kong transforming into a knowledge economy.
  3. A frontier shopping mall should be a medium-to-long term investment. From planning to construction, it will take a few years to complete. This implies that government officials, merchants, and village leaders all believe the leaders of China are incompetent to rebuild the quality and the reputation of “made in China” products. This implies that they want more Chinese people not using Chinese products. In addition, as a Hong Kong magistrate has said, it is a national shame of China for their people not dare to eat the produce of their own nation, and choose to smuggle baby formula back home from Hong Kong. A frontier shopping mall will become a permanent landmark to ridicule the Chinese people lacking confidence in their own products.
  4. The so-called parallel trading is not a normal commercial activity. It is smuggling. It is illegal: 1. a breach of conditions of stay; 2. tax-evasion (China’s Import Tariffs); 3 street obstruction. Business opportunities derived from illegal activities should never be introduced. If the proposal is passed, it means the HKSAR government has surrendered to cross-border smuggling syndicates by legalizing it or cooperating with it.
  5. If this proposal is passed, it will attract more developers to build more frontier shopping malls to attract more smugglers, causing a vicious cycle. The current problem is already out of control. The proposal must be rejected.
  6. Frontier shopping malls serve primarily people from China. It would blur the border of Hong Kong.
  7. The construction and the operation of a frontier shopping mall will pollute the countryside of Hong Kong. Types of pollution include: air pollution (exhaust gas from cars and air-conditioners of the mall), light pollution, and noise pollution. Smuggling activities also generate enormous amount of garbage. For example, the amount of garbage generated in Sheung Shui, where cross-border smuggling is out of control, is ten times the amount of garbage generated in other districts (reported by Appledaily on 2015/02/28). The pollution in Hong Kong is already serious. Hong Kong needs to preserve more countryside natural land, not to create more sources of pollution.
  8. China has more than 1.3 billion people, while Hong Kong has only 7 million people in an area of 1,092 square kilometers. About 60 million Chinese visitors come to Hong Kong every year, but there are only about 20 million tourists in China every year. It is obvious that Hong Kong is overloaded. Limiting the number of Chinese visitors in Hong Kong is the only way to solve the problems caused by cross-border smuggling activities.

The deadline is 2015/08/28.


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