Government Insists $47M PLUMBING Project Despite Owners’ Objection

Flat owners of Cheung Wah Estate in Fanling failed to cancel a $47 million plumbing project because Housing Authority has rejected the proposal, according to a community organization “North of the Rings”.

The owner’s corporation of Cheung Wah Estate has held a meeting tonight to decide a motion on whether to cancel the plumbing project. Even though many owners are strongly against the project because of its high cost and have voted YES to the motion, the Housing Authority still insists by casting NO. According to North of the Rings, because Housing Authority has the largest shares of ownership in the estate, it has sufficient votes to reject the motion.

The voting result is: 35.68% (56141) yes, and 64.32% (101215) no.

The plumbing project will be suspended.

Cheung Wah Estate is under the tenants purchase scheme. It means tenants were given a chance to purchase the flats they live in low price.




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