Japanese Tasted Catfish Caught from Ng Tung River, said “It’s Stinky!”

A Japanese caught a 110 cm long giant catfish from Ng Tung River (River Indus) last month, according to Appledaily, and no matter how he cooked it, it was still stinky.

The story was published on Hiroshi Hirasaka’s (google translated from the Japanese’s name 平坂 寛) website Monster Pro Shop. He caught the fish from a drainage ( which is believed to be located at Ng Tung River according to Kwu Tong North Development Concern Group) while he was travelling in Hong Kong. The drainage was very dirty and stenchy, and its colour was like “honeydew cream soda.” But to his amazement, there were a lot of catfishes.

Hirasaka slaughtered the fish at the bathroom of the hostel. Its digestive tract is full of black soil. The kitchen was full of the drainage smell. He has cooked it with different ways, like washed and soaked in milk, water, sake; added ginger; skewer it, deep fried; cooked with curry, but the unpleasant odor was still present. He described the taste like a mixture of hazardous chemical, polluted soil, and detergent.

Hirasaka has spent two days to eat the whole fish.