Old Man Pleads HK Voters to Vote

An old man carrying a sign on his back in Sheung Shui pleads Hong Kongers to vote at the Hong Kong Legislative Council election which will be held tomorrow (4 September, 2016). He once fell on the ground due to tiredness while walking around Sheung Shui.

Old Man Pleads to Vote 1

The sign says:

Hong Kong’s life-and-death depends on Sept 4.
Defend my home. Protect my descendants.
Expel wolves and jackals. Petrify dogs and hawks.
Vote together. Bind to the duty.

Source: 黃樂汶 @ North District FB Group

Old Man Pleads to Vote 2

Another side says:

Occupy-Central “Elder Uncle Wong” begs Hong Kong voters on bended knee to all come out to vote, to support pan-democratic candidates, to save Hong Kong from the destruction, to protect our descendants.

Source: Irene Law @ North District fb Group


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