Driving Pallet Truck on Footbridge

A pallet truck was found running on a busy footbridge in Sheung Shui.

This footbridge connects Landmark North, Sheung Shui Station, and Choi Yuen Estate.

There is a Maxim bakery is selling mooncakes at the station.

This model of pallet truck can run up to 6 km /h, and its battery has 24 V, according to the manufacturers’ datasheet.

Netizens commented that it is illegal to run a motor vehicle on a footbridge.


The People’s Liberation Army Pollutes River of Hong Kong

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army garrisoning at Sai Wai Barracks / Gallipoli Lines has been found directly discharges their waste water into Ng Tung River (River Indus). The waste water is white with unpleasant odor, and smells like food gutter oil. Mr Lau, who made this video, has filed complaints to the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong but to no avail.

According to Garrison Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of Article 16, members of the Hong Kong Garrison should abide by the national laws and the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Location: San Wai Barracks, Kwan Tei North, Fanling, Hong Kong (Drainage Services Department Number CH 6+600).

GPS : 22.509435, 114.154741

Times of recording:

  • 2015/04/08 14:44
  • 2015/04/10 14:05
  • 2015/04/16 13:14
  • 2015/04/17 14:32

You can also follow the FB discussion on the original video.

Ng Tung River is a nice place for cycling and fishing. It is located in Northeast New Territories. A few days ago the Town Planning Board has passed the two Northeast New Territories Outline Development Plans for Fanling North and Kwu Tung North without any modification. People believe that the natural scene will be erased by this mega development project.

Race Against Time! Just Pee from the Train

A People Republic Chinese kid, guided by a PR Chinese, peed from the train while it stopped at Sheung Shui Station. It was said he probably kept doing his job even the train door has closed. Then image how clean the door is, when you stand near the door…

Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group. 2014/08/13


A close-up. Source: Wang Tat Lee @ fb

Let See How Drugstores Occupy Public Space

Let us see how drugstores occupy public space for their lucrative business. 2014/07/24 11:00.


Half of the cycling lane is used for dumping waste and temporary storage (besides the fence of the flower bed), leaving only 3 feet for cyclists.

Two third of the pathway is used for unloading their goods, leaving only a half feet for pedestrians.

This drugstore is in Sheung Shui. According to Google street view, they have been occupying the public space since 2011! No authority comes out to enforce the law. Sheung Shui is practically in anarchic state. Perhaps there is a hidden agenda for the authority to give up governance one district at a time…

Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group.


Chan Mo Po Suddenly Calls a night Meeting in Fanling

Big news!!

It was said that Paul Chan Mo Po will come to Fanling to meet with the public tomorrow (Wednesday 25th June). The meeting will start at 7 pm at Cheung Wah Estate Community Hall, Fanling. The North East villagers suggest wearing white.


It is not the first time he comes to Fanling. He has been there at least twice. One was a site visit to the affected villages including Ma Po Po Community Farm in a weekend afternoon. Another was a night meeting at North District Lands Office, just similar to this time. There were many iron barriers, police officers, and undercovers. He was always surrounded by a lots of bodyguards. He has nothing interesting to say in both visits. 

fwd Hong Kongese protest against the dissolution of the Hong Kong-China border

By Gary Yeung

Hong Kong

Friday afternoon Hong Kong’s Legislative Council tried again to approve the North East New Territories Development Project. The approval of the project means the Hong Kong-China border will be effectively dissolved, leaving Hong Kong defenseless against any form of aggression from China’s communist regime.

More: http://www.urbansketchers.org/2014/06/hong-kongese-protest-against.html