Reply Town Planning Board by end-of-July to defend Northeast

Dear readers! You should have received a letter from the Town Planning Board with a reply slip asking you whether you will attend the meeting if you have submitted your comments regarding North East New Territories New Development Areas Planning project in their first / second round of public consultation. Whether you will/can attend the meeting, please take one minute to reply the Town Planning Board by the end of July, saying either you shall attend or you shall authorize another organization (preferred) or person to represent you . The steps* are:

  1. Before 1st August, email to: (Notice: this is the only valid one. There should be no digits before the ‘@’ symbol)
  2. Write: I shall attend the captioned TPB meeting.
  3. If you cannot attend, then write: I hereby authorize this representative to attend the captioned TPB meeting: [Please insert the name of the person or the organization that represents you. Organization preferred)
  4. Sign the slip by typing your full name. In the way, the reply slip should already have your name and the Representation / Comment No.

NENT Meeting Reply Slip Instruction

* Based on the quick guide provided by Joint Committee of Fanling North Villages and Residents: Against North East New Territories New Development Area.


House News Suddenly Closed, Rendered All Links Invalid

Today, House News, a Hong Kong online news (more on wiki), is closed after running for two years. The founder explains that this is because of white terror, unprofitable business, and abnormal society and twisted market.

All articles on House News are no longer accessible.

This blog has a few articles that refer to House News articles. Those links will become invalid.


Let See How Drugstores Occupy Public Space

Let us see how drugstores occupy public space for their lucrative business. 2014/07/24 11:00.


Half of the cycling lane is used for dumping waste and temporary storage (besides the fence of the flower bed), leaving only 3 feet for cyclists.

Two third of the pathway is used for unloading their goods, leaving only a half feet for pedestrians.

This drugstore is in Sheung Shui. According to Google street view, they have been occupying the public space since 2011! No authority comes out to enforce the law. Sheung Shui is practically in anarchic state. Perhaps there is a hidden agenda for the authority to give up governance one district at a time…

Source: North District Parallel Imports Concern Group.


The Sky View of North East New Territories

This is whats its all about, the NENT – North East New Territories Development Plan. The government wants to develop 614 hectares of land for three new towns. My question is this: is this really necessary? WHY is there such a housing problem now in HK? We have always had a shortage of land for homes, but in the past few years the problem has become more acute. Shouldn’t we be addressing the source of the problem rather than just building new towns near the china border? Isn’t it just like building wider roads for more and more cars? [Text: Kevin Lewis @ FB Source: Kevin Lewis @ FB]

Why this blog keeps Talking about Northeast?

One thing: the last batch of local vegetables are produced in Northeast New Territories. It doesn’t matter you IF YOU FIND IT ACCEPTABLE TO EAT TOXIC CHINESE VEGS

Hong Kong Columns – Translated: “Keep feeling good and be away of politics if you love enjoying toxic Chinese vegetables and hate ‘thugs who want more compensation’.” (Original: (English: