Japanese Tasted Catfish Caught from Ng Tung River, said “It’s Stinky!”

A Japanese caught a 110 cm long giant catfish from Ng Tung River (River Indus) last month, according to Appledaily, and no matter how he cooked it, it was still stinky.

The story was published on Hiroshi Hirasaka’s (google translated from the Japanese’s name 平坂 寛) website Monster Pro Shop. He caught the fish from a drainage ( which is believed to be located at Ng Tung River according to Kwu Tong North Development Concern Group) while he was travelling in Hong Kong. The drainage was very dirty and stenchy, and its colour was like “honeydew cream soda.” But to his amazement, there were a lot of catfishes.

Hirasaka slaughtered the fish at the bathroom of the hostel. Its digestive tract is full of black soil. The kitchen was full of the drainage smell. He has cooked it with different ways, like washed and soaked in milk, water, sake; added ginger; skewer it, deep fried; cooked with curry, but the unpleasant odor was still present. He described the taste like a mixture of hazardous chemical, polluted soil, and detergent.

Hirasaka has spent two days to eat the whole fish.


TPB Member’s Asphalt Plant Near Poultry Slaughter Approved in Sheung Shui

K. Wah Construction Materials Limited, with its director also a member of the Town Planning Board, was able to get approval from Town Planning Board last year to construct an asphalt plant near the future poultry slaughtering and processing plant in Sheung Shui by changing its the plan from permanent to temporary.

The proposed Asphalt Plant is so close to the land reserved for the poultry plant.

The proposed Asphalt Plant is so close to the land reserved for the poultry plant.

According to Bloomberg, Mr. Yiu Tung Lui is a director of K. Wah Construction Materials Limited since 1987. He is a member of the Town Planning Board, and a Member of Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conferene.

The company submitted the first application in 2013, proposed to build a permanent asphalt plant on an open storage area 200 metres away from a small village Hung Kiu San Tsuen (紅橋新村) at Fu Tei Au in 2013. The plant will operate 24/7 producing at most 160 ton of asphalt every hour. The plan was strongly objected by FEHD, Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Deparment, and Planning Department because: 1) It is 20 metres to the north of the land reserved for the poultry slaughtering and processing plant which will be operated in 2021. The asphalt plant may release hazardous fumes that can affect livestock. The risk of food contamination should be avoided; 2) No similar application has been approved on open storage area. It would set up a bad example. 3) The nature and the scale of the asphalt plant is completely incongruous with the poultry plant. But half year later, the company submitted the application again, with the asphalt plant changed from permanent to temporary for 5 years. There was no more objections from the government departments this time. The Town Planning Board has passed the application. The plant is expected to be running in the first quarter of next year.

Hong Kong Live Poultry Wholesalers Association chairman Tsui Ming-Tuen concerns about the possible contamination.  “They said it was not safe. Now it is safe. Are they neglecting the lives of Hong Kongers? There is lead water. They want asphalt chicken?” He questioned that the asphalt plant should not just operate for 5 years given the amount of investment involved. He emphasizes that he does not plan to to move to the new place.

How many more members of Town Planning Board are also company directors?

Company director is also a Town Planning Board member

Company director is also a Town Planning Board member

Hung Kiu San Tsuen is a small village to the north of Sheug Shui. A Tin Hau temple has been found there since 1721, the 60th year of Kangxi of Qing dynasty. [Source: Openlife, wiki]


Frontier Shopping Mall Proposed in Fu Tei Au

A proposal to build a temporarily frontier shopping mall in Fu Tei Au has been submitted to Town Planning Board by indigenous people, with budget of 50 million dollars. The construction area is about 30,000 square metres. It will be running for three years.

The shopping mall will be located at Lo Wu Station Road, inside a closed area near Lo Wu Station. The building size is around 19,300 square metres and has two floors. Its operating time is 10 am to 8 pm. One of the proposers said the shopping mall will not disturb people because the proposed area is uncultivated and there is no residents nearby.

This is the third shopping malls proposed by the axis of indigenous, landlords, and pro-Peking politicians, after Nam Sang Wai and San Tin / Lok Ma Chau.

Comments can be made to Town Planning Board by 5th June at http://www.info.gov.hk/tpb/tc/plan_application/A_NE-FTA_152.html

The google map of the proposed shopping mall:

Source: 香港規劃情報

The People’s Liberation Army Pollutes River of Hong Kong

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army garrisoning at Sai Wai Barracks / Gallipoli Lines has been found directly discharges their waste water into Ng Tung River (River Indus). The waste water is white with unpleasant odor, and smells like food gutter oil. Mr Lau, who made this video, has filed complaints to the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong but to no avail.

According to Garrison Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of Article 16, members of the Hong Kong Garrison should abide by the national laws and the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Location: San Wai Barracks, Kwan Tei North, Fanling, Hong Kong (Drainage Services Department Number CH 6+600).

GPS : 22.509435, 114.154741

Times of recording:

  • 2015/04/08 14:44
  • 2015/04/10 14:05
  • 2015/04/16 13:14
  • 2015/04/17 14:32

You can also follow the FB discussion on the original video.

Ng Tung River is a nice place for cycling and fishing. It is located in Northeast New Territories. A few days ago the Town Planning Board has passed the two Northeast New Territories Outline Development Plans for Fanling North and Kwu Tung North without any modification. People believe that the natural scene will be erased by this mega development project.

Reply Town Planning Board by end-of-July to defend Northeast

Dear readers! You should have received a letter from the Town Planning Board with a reply slip asking you whether you will attend the meeting if you have submitted your comments regarding North East New Territories New Development Areas Planning project in their first / second round of public consultation. Whether you will/can attend the meeting, please take one minute to reply the Town Planning Board by the end of July, saying either you shall attend or you shall authorize another organization (preferred) or person to represent you . The steps* are:

  1. Before 1st August, email to: tpbpd@pland.gov.hk (Notice: this is the only valid one. There should be no digits before the ‘@’ symbol)
  2. Write: I shall attend the captioned TPB meeting.
  3. If you cannot attend, then write: I hereby authorize this representative to attend the captioned TPB meeting: [Please insert the name of the person or the organization that represents you. Organization preferred)
  4. Sign the slip by typing your full name. In the way, the reply slip should already have your name and the Representation / Comment No.

NENT Meeting Reply Slip Instruction

* Based on the quick guide provided by Joint Committee of Fanling North Villages and Residents: Against North East New Territories New Development Area.