98% Voted to Impose Restrictions on Number of Chinese Tourists in Hong Kong

Topic: How many Chinese tourists do you want to reduce?

The result of a street poll held by Population Policy Concern Group, New Democratic Alliance, North District Parallel Concern Group and many localists in this Sunday afternoon (2014/06/01 3:30 – 6:00pm) shows that 98% voters think some sorts of restrictions must be imposed to reduce the number of Chinese visitors in Hong Kong, and over 50% of them want to reduce the number by 99%. The breakdown is as below:

Option 1: No reduction. No change to any policy. 13 (1.7%)
Option 2: Reduce 25%. Cancel Multiple-entry permit. 32 (4.1%)
Option 3: Reduce 50%. Impose a quota of 20M entries per year + cancel Multiple-entry permit. 133 (17.0%)
Option 4: Reduce 70%. Cancel Individual Visit Scheme. 151 (19.3%)
Option 5: Reduce 99%. Stop Chinese tourists. Only allow Endorsement for Business Visit. 454 (58.0%)
Total 783 (100%)

94% voters requested to reduce at least 50% of Chinese tourists. Source: Long See Production

Roy Tam, the spokesman of Population Policy Concern Group, said the poll result is out the expectation, because 58% people who went to Mongkok have chosen Option 5. The result indicates that Hong Kongers strongly believe that the number of Chinese tourists should be reduced greatly, and the public discontent is so high that people cast their votes to vent their anger. Roy believes that the cancellation of multiple-entry permit is necessary but not sufficient to satisfy the public’s concern.

The voting method: anyone who comes to the poll and says “I’m a Hongkonger” in Cantonese will be given a sad face sticker as a ballot for him to stick onto one of the boards that represents the option.

A group photo. Source: Gary Fan.


The table looks familiar, isn’t it? Also the chart. 🙂 Source: Paladin Cheng.


Option 5 needs extra paper. Source: Roy Tam


Counting result. Source: Ken Ng