Old Man Pleads HK Voters to Vote

An old man carrying a sign on his back in Sheung Shui pleads Hong Kongers to vote at the Hong Kong Legislative Council election which will be held tomorrow (4 September, 2016). He once fell on the ground due to tiredness while walking around Sheung Shui.

Old Man Pleads to Vote 1

The sign says:

Hong Kong’s life-and-death depends on Sept 4.
Defend my home. Protect my descendants.
Expel wolves and jackals. Petrify dogs and hawks.
Vote together. Bind to the duty.

Source: 黃樂汶 @ North District FB Group

Old Man Pleads to Vote 2

Another side says:

Occupy-Central “Elder Uncle Wong” begs Hong Kong voters on bended knee to all come out to vote, to support pan-democratic candidates, to save Hong Kong from the destruction, to protect our descendants.

Source: Irene Law @ North District fb Group


Media coverage:



Government Insists $47M PLUMBING Project Despite Owners’ Objection

Flat owners of Cheung Wah Estate in Fanling failed to cancel a $47 million plumbing project because Housing Authority has rejected the proposal, according to a community organization “North of the Rings”.

The owner’s corporation of Cheung Wah Estate has held a meeting tonight to decide a motion on whether to cancel the plumbing project. Even though many owners are strongly against the project because of its high cost and have voted YES to the motion, the Housing Authority still insists by casting NO. According to North of the Rings, because Housing Authority has the largest shares of ownership in the estate, it has sufficient votes to reject the motion.

The voting result is: 35.68% (56141) yes, and 64.32% (101215) no.

The plumbing project will be suspended.

Cheung Wah Estate is under the tenants purchase scheme. It means tenants were given a chance to purchase the flats they live in low price.




Mooncake Smugglers Sell First Part 3: Peninsula Hotel Mooncake

Peninsula Hotel denies selling mooncake in Sheung Shui, according to Sina News on 2014/08/07.

Media have found that Peninsula Hotel mini egg custard moon cake is selling at $240 in Sheung Shui, 24.5% cheaper than the Hotel’s retail price $318.

Peninsula Hotel insists that they have not authorized any other shops to sell their moon cakes except the Peninsula Boutique, Airport Peninsula Boutique, and three selected DFS shops. They also point out that the source of those moon cakes area is unknown, and it is difficult to identify whether they are genuine or counterfeit. They advise consumers to buy directly from the authorized sellers.

Wing Wah moon cake is also selling 14% cheaper than the retail price in Sheung Shui smuggling area. Even more interesting is that media have checked its authenticity by scanning the QR code on the box and found them all valid. Wing Wah only replied that if the customer is suspicious about the genuineness of the moon cake they have purchased, he can bring that to the company for further examination.

Source: 上水水貨區售平價半島月餅及榮華月餅 真假難辨

PTU Late Night Anti-Riot Exercise in Fanling

I just redirect the link from the source Oriental Daily. Oriental Daily has the sole copyright of this photo. The URL is: http://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/news/20140703/bkn-20140703221459855-0703_00822_001.html

Translated from Oriental Daily report.

Police Tactical Unit (PTU) carried out an anti-riot drill at around 9 pm in Fanling. Around 40 PTU with helmets, shotguns, and tear gas launchers, carried riot exercises in the Lok Mun Street industrial area. Each 5-6 officers formed a team to block different locations at different alleys. They advanced with regular pace, and immediately stopped when they have reached a certain point. The police simulated spotting a crowd. After they realized the crowd is not policeman, the squad commander said “Not friends. Fire”. Then they simulated firing tear gas. “Pop, pop, popping” sound could be heard, making the exercise more realistic.

Source: Oriental Daily 2014/07/03

Outspoken Bus Driver Drove Away Smugglers, receives Enormous Appreciation

Source: Isis Cheng @ fb

An outspoken bus driver has received enormous appreciation from the Internet due to his heroic act on defending the principle and/or on driving smugglers away.

A fb user Isis Cheng posted the incident to the fb page “Everything in Yuen Long (盡在元朗)” with this description:

At B1 bus stop outside Yuen Long Landmark, a gang of smugglers attempted to board the bus with four big bags of smuggled goods. The outspoken bus driver refused to drive. He said “this is a bus, not a lorry,” and questioned “One man gets on the bus with six bags of smuggled goods?” He requested all smugglers to get off the bus.

According to Passenger Reminders of Kowloon Motor Bus, bus captains have the right not to allow passengers to carry bulky goods on board.

Bulky goods may be dislodged while the bus is in motion, and thus cause a hazard to passengers and to the driver. Passengers may not carry goods larger than 0.1 cubic metre or goods which will pose any danger to passengers. Passengers taking Long Win “E/S/N” routes may take on board one piece of luggage with a maximum size of 71x56x26cm (28x22x10 in). Long Win “A” route passengers may carry one piece of luggage with a maximum size of 71x56x26cm (28x22x10 in) and one piece of hand luggage with a maximum size of 56x36x23cm (22x14x9 in) on board.

At the time of writing (2014/06/22 11:35pm), the original post has received over 16700 likes and 1700 shares.

PassionTimes also reported the incident with selected users’ comments.

Note: KMB Route B1 is a border bus route in Hong Kong, operated by Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB). The route via Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, and Lok Ma Chau (copied from Wikipedia). This is one cross-border route alternative to riding the train to Lo Wu.

Friday is Probably the Last Battle of NENT Plan

This Friday, 20th June 2014 is probably the last battle of NENT plan. Once the budget for pre-construction survey reading is passed, the development of NENT will begin and it is hard to be reverse. Many things have happened before Friday:

  • Several protesters who were in the front line on 6th and 13th June were arrested .
  • A 15-year-old kid who “spreaded” a guide on ramming the legco on the Internet was arrested.
  • The floor of the area outside he legco was drilled with holes for locking iron barriers to the ground.
  • Some fb users were bad-mouthed by newspaper as extreme localists.
  • Appledaily website was cyber attacked.
  • Facebook website was cyber attacked.

Outcome on Friday: the Legco meeting was adjourned. The crowd has to come back next Friday.